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Learn about the dangers of DIY and how to keep your family safe with overhead door systems. Read our tips!

Cleaning door tracks

Garage door tracks can easily accumulate dust and dirt and they need to be cleaned regularly. Experts in our company advise homeowners to never use any lubricant on the tracks if the door is noisy. Wipe the inside of the track with a wet cloth and then wipe it dry if you notice any dirt.

Garage door sensor realignment

If the garage door sensors are not in line then it affects its functioning. They should be positioned in such a way that they face each other. You will know that the sensors are aligned correctly if the lights that were blinking initially stop blinking now.

Repaint the garage door panels once a year

This is done to ensure the protective layer of paint is always in top condition and does its job well. Our leading technicians in Madeira Beach explain that there is no need for removing the existing layer of paint. You simply need to apply the new layer on top and apply the same type of paint.

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