Same Day Garage Door Maintenance

Find excellent solutions among different materials and garage door types.

Define side room.

Side room is referred to the distance from each side of the door opening and the wall closest to the garage on the inside. Our experts believe that a little over 3-inch side room is ideal for both extension and torsion springs on either side of the door.

How to buy the right clicker?

There are ample options in the market and you can choose a clicker based on your preference. A simple clicker using rolling code technology is ideal but if there are multiple openers then a multicode remote is helpful. A wireless garage door keypad is another good choice.

Are there differences among overhead sectional doors?

There are differences in terms of materials, styles and sizes. The truth is that Amarr produces sectional garage doors, which do not have springs, rails and tracks, and have safe guard features. That means they are a lot safer according to our technicians.

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